I am Wil’s grandmother and have been his weekday caregiver since 
his birth. Showing Wil’s art is such 
a privilege and my hope is that he 
will someday enjoy publicly 
showing it himself.
Please join us at one of Wil's scheduled events to see his art 
in person. To schedule a showing or for information on displaying Wil's art
 in your gallery, restaurant or retail space please contact me.
Wil cutting Shoe Skates at the 
Renton Art Walk
Wil cutting a scene from the 
beginning of Alvin and the Chipmunks 
Meet Frankenstein
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2013 Gallery Events​
                         Now showing: 

               Heart of the Spectrum
    Autistic Community Arts Center
317 S. Bennett St. #B
 Seattle, WA 98108
Linked To:

Heart the Gallery
570 1st Ave S., Seattle, WA  98104
Pioneer Square District

Visit both galleries and view Wil's Originals and Giclee prints at your leisure, or
during Pioneer Square Art Walk ,
Seattle, Washington
first Thursday of every month
open till 9 pm