The nature of Wil’s Art…
‘Owl’ has been renamed ‘Owl and Duck’
The unique genius of Wil’s 2007 ‘Owl’ revealed itself in new perspective when Owl with its Duck body was pointed out to actually be an Owl and a Duck.  Wil’s art is naturally open to some guessed interpretation due to his limited verbal ability  to explain his creative intent.  Moreover, Wil gives a single name like ‘pig’ for any number of different pig creations.  When first asked to name Owl Wil had said “Owl Duck” and I (Grandma Susan) assumed it an Owl with a Duck body and thought it quite ingenious.  However, recently I was enlightened while looking at a framed print of Owl and pointing to the lone head asking Wil who it was.  “Owl”, he said.  Then I pointed to the body asking, “And Owl has a Duck body?”  “Nope” he emphatically said, while making intense eye contact with me as to be certain that I understood the body to be Duck alone.  “I got it” I said in a raised happy tone.  He smiled, like it’s about time you got it!
Curious still was the unattached eye suspended alone right above Duck’s vivid yellow body.  According to Wil, it belongs to Duck.
I wonder what else will emerge from behind Wil’s wall 
of autism.
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